Carbon Neutral Plant-Based Mince



Sustainable food doesn’t get greener than our Carbon Neutral Plant-Based Mince! The first of its kind in the world, this product is leading the charge for sustainable eating.  Be it an Italian Bolognese, a Greek moussaka, an Australian meat pie, Mexican tacos, Chinese san choy bow or a Korean bibimbap, this mince forms the perfect canvas for your culinary creations.



Alejandro Cancino Preparing Carbon Neutral Mince

Australian Made


Co-founders Alejandro Cancino and Paola Moro made the decision not to outsource production to Asia because they believe in keeping things local, that’s why all our products are Australian made. This means high-quality products, more local economic growth and a lower carbon footprint.



Chef Crafted


The palate behind vEEF products is award-winning chef Alejandro Cancino. Leading the R&D team, Alejandro is passionate about creating a new carbon-neutral generation of plant-based food that is as delicious as it is sustainable.



vEEF Carbon Neutral Plant Based Mince

What is ‘Carbon Neutral’?


In order to obtain carbon-neutral certification, products must be audited by accredited bodies like the Carbon Reduction Institute. This involves conducting a life cycle assessment that calculates the carbon footprint of the product from manufacture, transportation, usage through to disposal. The company must then pay to offset that carbon footprint. This money goes towards off-set projects like renewable energy and bio-sequestration (revegetation).

We hope that other companies will be inspired to get Carbon Neutral certification and make our world a better place.


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